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"Friday was date night for him, and I was always hoping to see it blow up in his face in a rom-com sort of way.Once, one of his dates showed up early while he was still with date No.2. She was sitting in a corner turned away from the bar so he walked his second date out inconspicuously and then just bailed.This enchanting event, held on 9th December 2016, featured the Madrigal Ensemble from Bristol University, who treated us with their wonderful singing.We also enjoyed a visit from Father Christmas, and a poetry reading by our village poet Maurice Spillane. The Dedication of the new bells took place on Saturday 29 October 2016.Our bull elephant seems to be just stepping out for a stroll in his new home.We hope his stay in Liddington will be long and happy.

He always capped off the night with hitting on me until last call.There are worse things than being single on Valentine's Day. I was having a great shift, I remember; I had sold a shot of The John Walker, which is like $800, and I was feeling good.There was a couple at the communal table, two young men, sipping cocktails, snuggling, sharing a few kisses…Because not every walker participates in 10K races, the survey allows participants to enter times from 5K,10K, and Half Marathon distances and times.