Are alan carr and gok wan dating

'This is a cruel hard world of business.' Sir Alan outlined the task, which was to design a toy aimed at the children's market, and come up with the advertising.'If this toy is drop dead brilliant, one of the gurus might licence it and produce some money for Comic Relief,' Sir Alan said.Sugar decided the girls team, led by Michelle Mone, and featuring Patsy Palmer, Ruby Wax, Carol Vorderman and Fiona Phillips, had come up with the more viable product after the sides were set the challenge of inventing a children's toy.Despite a bit a run-in between Patsy and Michelle, they showed their 'Stick Stuck' had a likelier future than the 'Swap Belt' - and so tonight one of the boys will be subjected to the boardroom ignominy normally reserved for wannables on Sir Alan's show.Losers: Gerald Ratner, Jonathan Ross, Jack Dee, Gok Wan and Alan Carr sportingly applaud the girls after Sir Alan's verdict Last night's programme began with the ten celebrities gathered nervously in the lobby, before Sir Alan called them into the boardroom.The men's team consisted of Jonathan Ross, comedians Jack Dee and Alan Carr, TV stylist Gok Wan and millionaire businessman Gerald Ratner, who used to run a major jewellery company.Gok suggested making a yo-yo, but Jonathan didn't think it was innovative enough an idea. She liked the idea and suggested the name - Swap Belt.Gerald was seen saying to the camera: 'Jonathan is full of ideas and very, very creative but I'm not going to accept everything he comes out with and think it's a good idea.' Ad lib Alan: Carr records the jingle for the boys' toy. 'It's not like I'm going to com up with the new Candle In The Wind' On the second day, both teams received the prototypes of their products that had been built overnight. ' said Patsy as she saw the sticky suits in blue and pink.

The joker: Jonathan Ross jumps on a space hopper as the boys team bounce their ideas around But Jack Dee suggested that Gerald Ratner, the former jeweller who once described his own range as c***, should be the leader because of his previous experience. Patsy Palmer wanted to make a 'hugging suit', and Ruby said it should be made of velcro. Doing research for his team, Jonathan asked a young boy what she thought of their idea - a belt with collectable characters you could hook onto it and swap with your friends.A high-profile sacking is in store tonight on Comic Relief when one of the defeated boys from Comic Relief's Celebrity Apprentice will be fired by Sir Alan Sugar.Jonathan Ross, Alan Carr, Gok Wan, Jack Dee and captain Gerald Ratner all face the uncomfortable prospect after being defeated by the girls' team in last night's show.We're not being told anything.' Her grievance came to a head when Patsy, in charge of choreographing their team's dancers at the launch, and Michelle started rowing.'You keep asking me and telling me what I'm doing. The commercial was played, with Alan singing the 'Use it! Dee said the space monsters will be called Colin, Bob and Pete'I utilised him to the full.' Of the girls' toy, Sir Alan said: 'One of the blokes said he didn't think the product is marketable in its current form. It shouldn't have been pink.' Alan then addressed the boys.'My problem is how you get these things off the ground,' he said, inspecting the belt and the complex collection of characters, which would each need individual tools to be manufactured properly. The product had to have some legs and be viable.' We won!

Conceptually it's quite good.'He also disliked the two colours used for the suits. Michelle Mone and Ruby Wax get celebratory hugs from Carol Vorderman in the boardroom'On this occasion it's a very close run thing and I am having to rely upon the balance of what the experts told me.'My conclusion is the girls' product wins.' 'Very well done ladies.

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