Bomb pulse radiocarbon dating

One reason for this choice of time is that the declining C bomb-pulse curve was still steep at the time, which makes the analysis more sensitive than when choosing a later flatter part of the curve.Another reason is that in the 1970s, the diet of the subjects most likely originated from the time after 1963, thus avoiding the influence of the increase in the bomb-pulse curve that occurred before 1963.Therefore, subjects categorized as lacto-ovo vegetarians were also included in the study.

The serum samples were thawed for 2 h at room temperature prior to sample preparation for AMS (C analysis, 10 μl of each serum sample was transferred from the plastic tubes into separate small quartz tubes (6.4 mm (diam.) × 45 mm), which had been cleaned at 950 °C in air for 1 h.The technique has also been widely applied to date human cells and tissues, for example, to obtain information on the formation of new cells in the human body and to date the progress of various states of illness (Broecker et al.Isotope fractionation is a process that occurs during chemical reactions and physical processes due to the difference in mass between the isotopes.Based on dietary habits, the subjects included in the present study were divided into three groups: (a) Our original intention was to investigate serum samples from 30 men and 30 women in three different age groups (10 men and 10 women in each) with at least three vegans of both sexes in each age group.