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They are a great resource of people and information, and an opportunity to connect with others recently diagnosed and walking the same path.

The Calgary philanthropist, who was diagnosed in 2001 with prostate cancer and underwent treatment, announced Monday on Twitter that he is fighting cancer for a second time.My recurrent cancer was certainly not diagnosed as terminal, but it was indeed both very serious and very treatable.I wanted to both control the message and at the same time encourage and remind men of all ages in Canada to seek out general health check-ups — and in particular, to monitor their PSA levels and to conduct DRE’s.I really had no symptoms (other than a bit of dribbling that I wasn’t wanting to report to anyone — a typical guy reaction I suspect).

Since then I have monitored my PSA every three to six months — and earlier this year as my PSA began to climb, I consulted closely with my GP and my urologist.

I am now using “tomography” to carefully deliver radiation to the areas of my body now impacted by cancer.