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Owing to her show’s unsuccessful run on TV, and the ratings being poor, Brown left CNN. She began writing opinion articles for publications like “The New York Times”, “The Wall Street Journal”, “The Daily Beast” and “Slate”.In 2013, Brown founded the “Parents Transparency Project”, which is a non-profit group for parents in search of information and responsibility from the teachers’ unions and the “New York Department of Education” on activities impacting children in schools.Campbell Brown was born as “Alma Dale Campbell Brown” in Ferriday, Louisiana.She is the daughter of the former Louisiana Democratic State Senator and Secretary of State “James H.She and her loving husband, Dan Senor welcomed their first child together on 18th of December and that time it was a son and they named him Eli James.Edit She also became mother for the second time in her life and that was in 2009.A year after she gave birth to her first child, CNN offered her a job.

She won this award in 2006 for Outstanding Coverage of a Breaking News Story in a Regularly Scheduled Newscast.Brown Jr.”, and his first wife, “Dale Campbell”.Brown grew up in Ferriday, Louisiana, where she attended the “Trinity Episcopal Day School”.She formerly hosted the “Campbell Brown Show “on the “Cable News Network”.

She was also the co-anchor of “Weekend Today” on “NBC-TV”.

Brown attended Louisiana State University for two years before proceeding to finish her graduation from Regis University.