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Speaking as someone who refuses to bank online, being only too aware of the security and privacy implications, I'd certainly be wary of divulging personal health information to a chatbot, writes Richard Littlejohn Speaking as someone who refuses to bank online, being only too aware of the security and privacy implications, I'd certainly be wary of divulging personal health information to a chatbot.Seeing as hackers have no difficulty getting hold of the bank details of the rich and famous who hide their money offshore, finding out your medical history and posting your records on the internet is going to be a piece of pickle.It's just a few weeks since Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt proposed that all patients should have to call the NHS 111 Hotline to determine whether they can be admitted to Accident & Emergency.

But obviously for minor ailments, it makes sense and saves time to talk to your GP over the phone.But what makes the difference this time around is two-fold: the huge rise of messaging platforms, and development in AI.The increase of the use of direct messaging, which can be seen the huge rise of platforms like Whats App, has led to people putting more and more of their lives into those apps.But the technology is ready to make them important, rather than just fun.

Lots of people have claimed to have seen what our computers are going to be like in the coming years, and almost all of them are wrong.

Technology has made great advances, but facial and voice recognition software is still in its infancy. Thank you for ringing NHS Chatbot, the easy way to diagnose 99 per cent of common medical conditions. Please hold and you will be connected to the next available Chatbot .

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