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They are subject to a penalty of 6% for year that they remain in the account.Since I mentioned beneficiaries a moment ago, let me just remind you that this is a good time to check those beneficiary forms on the Roth IRAs that remain after your consolidation.There are two basic types: IRAs that are tax-free in retirement (Roths) and those that aren’t (such as traditional IRAs, SEP IRAs and rollover IRAs).You can combine a SEP IRA with a traditional or rollover IRA, for instance, but you can’t simply combine a traditional IRA with a Roth.The deadline for doing a Roth recharacterization is October 15 of the year after you do a Roth conversion.Once that date has passed, there is no longer a need to keep a separate Roth IRA.

Please remember that your use of this website is governed by Bankrate’s Terms of Use.By Beverly De Veny, Chief IRA Analyst Follow Us on Twitter: @Bev IRAEd Slott A common strategy is to go through with smaller Roth IRA conversions or to convert different assets to different Roth IRAs.If you have done this over a number of years, you probably have more Roth IRAs than you know what to do with. Generally the reason for doing Roth conversions to separate Roth IRAs is to simplify the net income calculation that must be done if you want to later recharacterize that Roth conversion.You can convert a traditional IRA or a 401(k) to a Roth, but you’ll owe income tax on the conversion, so talk to a tax pro first.

You also can roll over old 401(k) and other qualified workplace retirement plans into a traditional IRA.

If any of those issues could be relevant to your situation, you might be better off keeping your 401(k) account where it is.

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