Consolidating student loans after marriage

Once the smallest debt is clear, start making extra payments on the next smallest debt.You now have more dispensable income because you have one less debt. Save money you plan to use for something within the next five years.

You don't need or deserve it unless you have saved cash to pay for it.Just like a snowball gains momentum as it rolls downhill, you’re going to gain tons of momentum and motivation as you move further along in your debt snowball. Money you plan to use in the near future doesn’t need to be subjected to risk; it needs to be safe.That way, it’s still there when you want it, regardless of how the stock markets are performing that day.Take some envelopes, write the budget categories on the envelopes, and use only the allotted money to purchase specific things.

When an envelope is empty, don’t buy anything else in that budget category.

Your income is the most powerful wealth-building tool you will ever have.