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The park is 1,672 km² in size and is host to amazing hikes, series of low-angled sandstone ridges, and is one of the richest Indigenous rock art sites in south-eastern Australia.Its beauty and grandeur are well known to locals, and stuns all who come to visit.It is hard to recommend one particular area of the reef to visit, but most people agree that the Whitsunday Islands are absolutely stunning, and I recommend taking a 2-3 day sailing trip/tour around the area. If you come to Australia you must see Uluru (in the Northern Territory).With snorkelling and scuba diving areas literally everywhere you are bound to experience wonders that will stay with you for the rest of your life! So many times I have heard people say something like, "I was not going to bother, you know, it is just a rock.When trying to decide what to see or what to do in Australia you can be faced with many decisions.Here I have created two lists for you to help you out, the best places to visit in Australia and the best things to do in Australia.For those of you have made a flight from potentially the other side of the world, if you come and don't see Sydney, it is a bit like going to Germany and not drinking a beer, or to England and not seeing London, or America and not trying a hot dog.