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In 1961, he started the magazine's "Lighter Side" feature, his most famous creation.Berg would take an omnibus topic (such as "Noise," "Spectators" or "Dog Owners") and deliver approximately 15 short multi-panel cartoons on the subject. Berg often included caricatures of his own family—headed by his cranky hypochondriac alter ego, Roger Kaputnik—as well as of the Mad editorial staff.A cartoonist (also comic strip creator) is a visual artist who specializes in drawing cartoons.This work is often created for entertainment, political commentary, or advertising.

I wanted to touch on all the aspects of what is wrong with him.” And so the artist inserts Trump into the world of the Nixon-era “Watchmen.” There he is threatening to use libel laws to shut down the taunting Bugs Bunny.His artistic style made Berg one of the more realistic Mad artists, although his characters managed to sport garish early-1970s wardrobes well into the 1990s.The art chores for a 1993 article, "The First Day of School 30 Years Ago and Today", were split between Berg and Rick Tulka, since Berg's old-fashioned appeal made him an ideal choice to depict the gentle nostalgia of 1963.One of the most straightforward cover mash-ups depicts Trump as a foe to Wonder Woman.

The spoof’s tweaked title: “Nasty Woman.” “I loved parodying H. Peter, the first Wonder Woman artist,” Sikoryak said.

Mad editor Nick Meglin often did layouts of "Lighter Side" panels. And of course, if you write a book like that, you just know that the Mad staff is going to make fun of you.

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