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No semantics are changed in the mapping from RFC6350 to the v Card Ontology.All the data types defined in RFC6350 are fully supported as XML Schema dataypes.It also includes national security, emergency management and criminal justice functions from the Attorney-General's Department; the Office of Transport Security from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development; multicultural affairs from the Department of Social Services; and the counter-terrorism coordination and cyber security policy functions from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.The Department of Home Affairs, and the wider Portfolio, was officially stood up on 20 December 2017.References to functions under previous departments are being progressively updated in the first half of 2018.The document describes a mapping of the v Card specification (RFC6350) to RDF/OWL.Recently, v Card has been significantly updated to Version 4 as documented in [RFC6350].

The establishment of the Portfolio brings together Australia's federal law enforcement, national and transport security, criminal justice, emergency management, multicultural affairs and immigration and border-related functions and agencies, working together to keep Australia safe.The model informing the mapping from RFC6350 to OWL has been to create OWL object properties for all things that would typically be resources (e.g.identified with a URI) and OWL data properties for all things that would typically be literals (e.g. The model includes naming all the object properties with a "has X" name pattern, and the data properties with just the "x" name pattern.The v Card Ontology has also focused on describing people and organisations, including location information and groups of such entities.