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When Audrey claims the killer called her after his execution, Beth asks Mick to investigate this possibility and to protect her.Mick learns that the executed killer was turned into a vampire right before his execution, which allowed him to survive the “fatal” injection and gives him the opportunity to fulfill his goal of killing everyone who put him in prison.Mick is very tempted, but he knows she isn’t herself; it takes all his strength to resist her.Later, when Beth learns that Josh and the police are about to raid the warehouse where Lola’s crew cooks up the drug, she tips Mick off.Both investigations lead to the morgue, where Beth and Mick meet again.It’s awkward at first, but they soon realize that their cases are related: they end up working together as Josef’s “booty call” turns out to be the drug dealer, who has been killing other vampires to drain their blood and selling it to humans as a drug.Just as Mick is about to succumb, fate intervenes again, and the killer is decapitated by a passing roller coaster car.