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Cautions were supposed to be a 'telling off', not a black mark that sticks for life, Remove cautions fom CRB checks and allow people such as myself to have the career opportunities that we deserve. I am highly qualified, but don’t apply for any jobs that require a CRB – I don’t want to re-live my abusive marriage.I should have been economically active (I wanted to be a Head Teacher), now my earning potential is very low.Your job is to convince, that it's in the best interest of the owner to pay up.Your pay is at first: $500 per day, level 2: $1,000, level 3: $2,000.Cautions are blighting people's job prospects and ruining lives.I received a caution after my abusive ex-husband reported me to the police for common assault.

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I was too scared of the consequences of going to court , but now very much regret having my day in court.Two guys from his unit perished that day and one after a week at a hospital. When he gets home, his mother tells him that his father has died.At the funeral, Jake is approached by a member of the triad to come and see the head of the triads, of which it would be impossible to decline.And then he says, that because of the secrecy, he is to be killed anyway, if he decided not to join. Then and there he becomes a rookie, and is given missions to complete.