Is harry still dating chelsea

Chelsea goes on to celebrate her birthday and discovers Denise has put a picture of Chelsea in the newspaper wearing a cowboy suit.Much to Chelsea's embarrassment, so she decides to buy all the newspapers so people will not mock her.She takes the test again and realises she is not pregnant but tells her parents that she'll make her own decisions.She tells Amira that it was her test that was positive and promises to keep her secret when she leaves Walford after learning that her husband Syed (Marc Elliott) is gay.

Tanya fires her and Patrick catches her taking cocaine. When he arrives, Chelsea has escaped through the bedroom window.Benjamin announced her departure from the show in April 2010. Upon Chelsea's arrival, she is seduced by Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp), unaware he is dating her to make Jane Collins (Laurie Brett) jealous.However, when Denise uncovers the truth, Grant ends the relationship.Chelsea assists Jordan in his protest to get a tree planted in Trina's memory and manages to win Al.

However, just before Chelsea and Al get together, Roxy turns up at his office dressed as a nurse, so Chelsea leaves, embarrassed.

She runs away with Ellis, leaving a note for her family but returns on Libby's birthday, demanding to know why Libby's grandmother, Liz Turner (Kate Williams) is in Albert Square, forcing her to admit she has been visiting her father, Owen Turner (Lee Ross), in prison and is glad that he is going to be released.