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Tell your stories of triumph or failure, of persistence and hardwork, of your worthy causes, of your strength because you are a warrior, of your everyday fight to make a small difference, your ambitions and dreams… If you’ve watched the wildly popular Netflix show “13 Reasons Why”, you probably either love it or hate it.“He was the reserved, serious guy with a quirky sense of humor, whereas I am much more of a talkative and excitable girl who loves to laugh.I think from then on, we knew our relationship was going to move towards the path of forever.” A Bride's Worst Nightmare Forever happened a year and 9 months after their encounter in Bali.

Killing yourself elevates your status in society 6.If someone from school hurts you, make no effort to make new friends outside of that circle 12. If everyone is just nice to each other, then no one would be depressed and kill themselves 13. 13 Reasons Why uses the theme of teen suicide as entertainment Hannah ultimately puts the blame on 12 other people for her suicide, whereas in reality the only person responsible for her suicide is herself. When seeing a party being hosted by a rapist, walk into that party and get into hot tub with said rapist 10.