Mtv dating show names

Rich Girls (2003-2004) Ally Hillfiger and Jaime Gleicher were besties and, therefore, their summer after high school had to be documented on national television. and apparently 2006-2007) This show was literally a bunch of claymation figures beating each other up. She was a hipster before everyone else started becoming hipsters. You had a fat balding old guy, a really skinny child, a white guy who thought he was black, a most likely gay guy (Chad, my crush), and of course the star of the band (AKA the ‘Justin Timberlake’) who stole the show from the band at concerts and in the public eye. It was a soap opera with way too many characters that was basically porn for 12-14 year old kids everywhere. Max Greenfield played a role on the show when he was, like, 17. my love), Christina Hendricks, Chad Michael Murray, Autumn Reeser (AKA Taylor Townsend), and Ashley Tisdale’s sister. Laguna Beach (2004-2006) After becoming obsessed with because the main cast had already graduated. In honor of the premiere of the new CBS dating competition , in which three women simultaneously date the same eligible bachelors to see who they've got the most chemistry with, we've compiled a list of The 15 Most Ridiculous Dating Shows.

Be sure to vote for your favorite dating reality shows and vote down the dating shows you absolutely can't stand.When MTV first came around it was strictly music videos and nothing else. While on the date, the person could scream ) whenever they wanted. Doggy Fizzle Televizzle (2002-2003) This logo is sooo late night early 2000’s TV. Snoop just rode around on a bicycle doing hood rat things, saying words that ended in ‘izzle.’ Like, remember when it was cool to say shizzle my nizzle? Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Ghandi, and other historical figures attending one high school together in a modern day setting. There were countdowns, shows about music videos, VJs who talked about music videos, and other things having to do with — you guessed it — music videos. Sure MTV has shows on now, but they just don’t compare. Typically, the final contestant then gets a proposal.

Not to be confused with the Hip-Hop song, Blame Game The Blame Game, a 30-minute nontraditional court/game show first airing in January 1999 on American channel MTV, pitted two ex's against each other in a fictional courtroom setting to decide who was to blame for their break-up.

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