My ex girlfriend is dating my best friend

I don’t know what to say because I feel like doing that would completely destroy my relationship with best friend, and I’m hoping he’s only done this to us and no one else, but at the same time I don’t want to invalidate boyfriend’s feelings about this as he is a victim in the situation.

There was also an incident years ago which I thought I dreamt but now I’m thinking it happened (someone touching me in my sleep when only best friend and fiance were home).To review: *Possibly = ALMOST CERTAINLY **We are not sure, friends. My question is: If this is the creepy stuff y’all know about and that fiancé will admit to, when he gets caught in his lies, what does the rest of that creepy iceberg (creepberg? Or, to be more clear: If this is what he does to you, what does he do or will he do to your friend?Nine years is a long time together, and your friend’s fiancé is going to put a TON of pressure on her to forgive and forget.He agreed that he would tell her, and we decided that he would keep one of the cameras to show her and boyfriend and I would hold on to the other two.

We would leave immediately, and they would leave soon after and fiancé was going to tell her in the car on the way home.

Boyfriend dropped me home and went home to review the footage to see exactly what had been recorded.

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