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Second, you’ll notice that there’s a question about both “Sexual Content or Nudity” and “Graphic sexual content or nudity.” What’s interesting about this is that apps with “Sexual Content or Nudity” are still allowed — even if you select “Frequent/Intense” in that field.You’ll get a 17 rating, but your app will still be allowed.:\|\[[\w\W]*\])$/, N = /([A-Z])/g; function O(a, b, c) function P(a) function Q(a, b, d, e) function R(a, b, c) m.extend(), extend(), m.extend(), extend(); var S = /[ -]? )|)$/; function ab() function bb() function cb() m.event = , m.remove Event = y.remove Event Listener ? Let’s run through them in descending order: As I noted, those last two are the keys to getting your app banned. First of all, you may notice that these final two are not capitalized in the same way that the other questions are.That suggests to me that Apple added them at a different time than all the others and possibly even in a rush.However, if you click even “Infrequent/Mild” in the “Graphic sexual content and nudity,” your app is banned.

Some of these developers are hoping to make a living off of these apps, yet Apple is backlogged in the approval process because it has to check for things like a certain level of nudity in an app, rather than letting the rating system do its job. j Query v1.11.1 | (c) 2005, 2014 j Query Foundation, Inc. :input|select|textarea|button)$/i, Z = /^h\d$/i, $ = /^[^{] \(a); = s, = s.selectors, m.expr[":"] = pseudos, m.unique = s.unique Sort, = Text, XMLDoc = XML, m.contains = s.contains; var t = match.needs Context, u = /^]*|#([\w-]*))$/, A = init = function (a, b) ; A.prototype = m.fn, x = m(y); var B = /^(? : Until|All))/, C = ; m.extend(), extend(); function D(a, b) m.each(, function (a, b) ); var E = /\S /g, F = ; function G(a) m. \d |)/.source, T = ["Top", "Right", "Bottom", "Left"], U = function (a, b) , V = m.access = function (a, b, c, d, e, f, g) , W = /^(? )" M "*\\]", "g"), V = new Reg Exp(Q), W = new Reg Exp("^" O "$"), X = , Y = /^(? window : this, function (a, b) { var c = [], d = c.slice, e = c.concat, f = c.push, g = c.index Of, h = , i = String, j = Own Property, k = , l = "1.11.1", m = function (a, b) , n = /^[\s\u FEFF\x A0] |[\s\u FEFF\x A0] $/g, o = /^-ms-/, p = /-([\da-z])/gi, q = function (a, b) ; = m.prototype = , m.extend = extend = function () , m.extend(), m.each("Boolean Number String Function Array Date Reg Exp Object Error".split(" "), function (a, b) ); function r(a) var s = function (a) { var b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u = "sizzle" -new Date, v = a.document, w = 0, x = 0, y = gb(), z = gb(), A = gb(), B = function (a, b) , C = "undefined", D = 1 ~]|" M ")" M "*"), U = new Reg Exp("=" M "*([^\\]'\"]*?

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And that’s probably why we’re seeing a lot of apps that aren’t supposed to get through, slip through the system. When the Hottest Girls app got through, just look at the rating that was attached to it: That seems like a reasonable rating for an app with topless girls.

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