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Valery Canal Deauville Beach Scene Le Havre, Sunset at Low Tide Venice, Quai de la Guidecca Venice, the Campanile, the Ducal Palace and the Piazetta A Small Canal in Venice Venice, the Canal de la Gandara Venice, The Mole at the Entrance to the Grand Canal and the Salute A Canal near Brussels Cherbourg, the Port Dunkirk, Festival Day Venice, the Customs House Venice, the Dock of the Guidecca Cows in a Meadow on the Banks of the Toques Cows in a Meadow, Morning Effect Cows in Pasture Cows in the Meadow Gypsy Horses Crab, Lobster and Fish aka Still Life with Skate Pheasant, Duck and Fruit Le Havre, Le bassin de la barre A Three Masted Ship in Port Anvers, Fishing Boats Beached Boats Boats at Etretat Bordeaux, Moored Boats on the Garonne Bordeaux, the Port Deauville, Ships at Dock English Coal Ship in View of Trouville Etretat Fishermen on the Beach Fishermen's Wives at the Seaside Le Havre European Basin, Sailing Ships at Anchor, Sunset Near Rotterdam Rough Seas The Port of Le Havre at Sunset Vessel at Anchor outside of Venice A Beach Scene A Walk on the Beach Beach Scene, the Yellow Parasol Beach Scene Brussels - the Old Fish Market Low Tide at Trouville Gabrielle Cot La brie du printemps Evening Mood Apres le bain Biblis La Vague Le Jour Letoile Perdue The Nymphaeum Les Deux Baigneuses Etude Tete de Jeune Fille Portrait of a Young Girl Modestie Meditation A Portrait of Amelina Dufaud Bouguereau A Portrait of Genevieve Bouguereau A Portrait of Leonie Bouguereau Boucles D-Oreilles The Earrings L- Italienne au Tambourin La Comtesse de Montholon La Palme Bohemienne au Tambour de Basque Branche de Aurier Fileuse Inspiration Irene Jeune Italienne Puisant de Leau Jeune Ouvriere La Soif Lady Maxwell Le Retour Du Marche Madame la Comtesse de Cambaceres Mailice Mignon Pensive Moissoneuse Portrait de Mademoiselle Elizabeth Gardner Portrait de Mlle Brissac Priestess Psyche Reverie The Bohemian Tricoteuse Unknown Work Interrupted Yvonette Self Portrait A Portrait of Eugene Bouguereau Autoportrait Presente a M. Cassatt aka Katherine Kelson Johnston Cassatt Portrait of a Elderly Lady Portrait of a Lady aka Miss Mary Ellison Portrait of a Lady aka Reading -Le Figaro- Portrait of a Lady Seville Portrait Of A Woman Portrait Of A Young Girl Portrait of an Italian Lady Portrait of Madame Sisley Portrait of Marie Louise Durand Ruel Portrait of Mrs Havemeyer and Her Daughter Electra Portrait of Mrs. Desert Island Gelyna Genesee Scenery Home in the Woods Il Penseroso Indian at Sunset Indian Pass Tahawus Indian Sacrifice Interior of the Colosseum Rome Italian Scene Composition Lake With Dead Trees (Catskill) L-Allegro (Italian Sunset) Landscape Composition Italian Scenery Landscape Composition Saint John in the Wilderness Landscape the Seat of Mr. Bartholomew The Rape of Europa The Sacrifice of Melchizedek The Scourge of the Serpents The Virgin Appearing to Dominican Saints The Virgin Appearing to St Philip Neri The Virgin with Six Saints Villa Valmarana Angelica and Medoro with the Shepherds Villa Valmarana Angelica Carving Medoro-s Name on a Tree Villa Valmarana Eurybates and Talthybios Lead Briseis to Agamemmon Villa Valmarana The Rage of Achilles Villa Valmarana The Sacrifice of Iphigenia Villa Valmarana Thetis Consoling Achilles Worshippers A Seated Man and a Girl with a Pitcher Adoration of the Magi Apollo and Daphne Jupiter and Danae Last Communion of St Lucy Palacio Real Glory of Spain Palazzo Labia Bellerophon on Pegasus Palazzo Labia The Meeting of Anthony and Cleopatra St James the Greater Conquering the Moors The Angel Succouring Hagar The Apotheosis of the Pisani Family The Banquet of Cleopatra The Madonna of Mount Carmel The Marriage of the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa to Beatrice of Burgundy Joseph and Potiphars Wife Portrait of a Woman Revealing her Breasts Portrait of a Woman St Nicholas Man in Armour Man with a Golden Lace Portrait of a Man fragment Portrait of a Man Portrait of a Young Gentleman Portrait of Doge Pietro Loredano Portrait of Giovanni Paolo Cornaro Portrait of Vincenzo Morosini Robusti Jacopo Portrait Of A Bearded Venetian Nobleman Christ before Pilate Crucifixion Descent from the Cross The Ascension Adam and Eve Christ at the Sea of Galilee Christ in the House of Martha and Mary Christ Washing the Feet of His Disciples Creation of the Animals The Prayer in the Garden The Slaughter of the Innocents The Stealing of the Dead Body of St Mark The Miracle of St Mark Freeing the Slave Adoration of the Magi Annunciation Battle between Turks and Christians Brazen Serpent Flight into Egypt La Probatica Piscina Leda and the swan Marriage at Cana Robusti Jacopo Agony In The Garden St Mark Saving a Saracen from Shipwreck St Mary Magdalen St Mary of Egypt The Adoration of the Shepherds The Ascent to Calvary The Birth of St.Sage LAmour et Psyche Enfants Leveil du Coeur William Psyche et L'amour Le ravissement de Psyche L'amour au papillon Song of the Angels Amour a laffut A Soul Brought to Heaven La madone Aux Roses La Vierge LEnfant Jesus et Saint Jean Baptiste Linnocence Nymphs and Satyr The Flagellation of Christ Study for Vierge aux Anges Compassion Dante et Virgile au Enfers Douleur Damour Homere Et Son Guide Jeunesse La Danse La Jeunesse de Bacchus La Vierge au Lys La Vierge LEnfant Jesus et Saint Jean Baptiste2 Lamour Senvole Lassaut Le Guepier Le Printemps Madone Assise Naissance de Venus Nymphes et Satyre Pieta Regina Angelorum Reve de Printemps The First Mourning Vierge consolatrice Zenobia Found by Shepherds Tobias Saying Goodbye to his Father Jeune Fille Se Defendant Contre L'amour Cupid with a Butterfly Cupid and Psyche LAmour Mouille La Charite Romaine Petites Maraudeuses Spring, 1858 The Return from the Harvest Washerwomen of Fouesnant Le Repos The Little Marauder Little girl with a bouquet Idylle Enfantine Jeune Bergere CA Jeune Bergere Jeune Fille Allant a la Fontaine Jeune Fille et Enfant La Couturiere La Gue La Lecon Difficile La Priere Les Pommes Les Prunes Paquerettes Parure des Champs Pastourelle Petite Bergere Adolphe Juene Fille Et Enfant Adolphe MAUVAISE ECOLIERE A Fontaine Admiration Maternelle Alma Parens Bergere Brother and Sister Calinerie Deux Soeurs En Penitence Enfant tressant une couronne Etude Tete de Petite Fille Tete de Petite Fille Faneuse Fardeau Agreable Frere et Soeur Bretons Jeunes Bohemiennes La Charite La Reverence La Soeur Ainee La Tricoteuse Ladmiration Le Baiser Le Crab Le Gouter Le Jeune Bergere Le Jeune Frere Le Lever Le Secret Les Jeunes Baigneuses Les Noisettes Loin du Pays Petite Boudeuse Retour des champs Sainte Famille Slumber Sur la Greve The Broken Pitcher The Pastoral Recreation The Shepherdess The Thank Offering Un Moment Repos Une Vocation Unknown4 Vendangeuse Young Woman Contemplating Two Embracing Children Yvonne Le Passage du gue Temptation Frere et Soeur Lorage Portrait Of A Man Christ In The House Of Simon Ecce Agnus Dei Hell Mary And Child Paradise Prophet Elijah In The Desert Resurrection The Capture Of Christ The Entombment The Execution Of The Innocent Count The Feast Of The Passover The Gathering Of The Manna The Lamentation Of Christ The Last Supper The Meeting Of Abraham And Melchizedek The Ordeal By Fire The Virgin And Child Virgin And Child Eve After the Fall The Birth of Venus The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Paradise Phedre Portrait Of Prince K A Gorchakov Nymphe et Satyr Ophelia Albayde Patricienne De Venise Portrait Of Countess E A Vorontsova Dashkova Fallen Angel The Death Of Moses Harmony The Death Of Francesca De Rimini And Paolo Malatesta Yerres, on the Pond, Water Lilies Cliff at Villers sur Mer Sunflowers on the Banks of the Seine The Kitchen Garden Yerres The Parc Monceau The Park at Yerres The Park on the Caillebotte Property at Yerres The Yellow Fields at Gennevilliers The Yerres Effect of Light Paris Rooftops Le petit bras de la Seine à Argenteuil Thatched Cottage at Trouville The Yerres Rain Female Nude Interior 2 Portait of Madame Martial Caillebote the Artists Mother Woman at a Dressing Table Woman Sitting on a Red Flowered Sofa Self Portrait2 Young man at his window Autoportrait Bridge of Europe In a Cafe Portrait of Eugene Daufresne Interior Portrait of a Man Portrait of Henri Cordier Portrait of Jules Dubois Portrait of Jules Richemont Portrait of Paul Hugot Self Portrait With Easel Self Portrait The Man on the Balcony 2 The Man on the Balcony L Europe Le Pont De Man in a Smock Rowers Fishermen on the Seine Oarsmen Boating Party Boater Pulling on His Perissoire Boulevard des Italiens Gustave View of Paris Place Saint-Augus tin Misty Weather A Road Near Naples Boathouse in Argenteuil Boulevard Haussmann Snow Factories at Argenteuil Norman Landscape Regatta at Argenteuil Rue Halevy Seen from the Sixth Floor Sailing Boats at Argenteuil The Argenteuil Bridge and the Seine The Basin at Argenteuil The Gennevilliers Plain Seen from the Slopes of Argenteuil Yerres, Reddish Bay Horse in the Stable Clump of Chrysanthemums, Garden at Petit Gennevilliers Nasturtiums Still Life With Crayfish Still Life Fruit Displayed On A Stand Game Birds And Lemons Hors D Oeuvre Melon and Bowl of Figs Still Life Oysters Clump of Chrysanthemums Garden at Petit Gennevilliers Display Of Chickens And Game Birds White and Yellow Chrysanthemums Garden at Petit Gennevilliers Gustave Seascape, Regatta at Villiers Sailboats in Argenteuil A Balcony Le pont de l'Europe Richard Gallo and his dog Roses Garden At Petit Gennevilliers The House Painters Male and Female Portrait at window Floor Strippers Perissoires Rising Road Young Man Playing the Piano Bathers Fishing Game of Bezique The Floor Scrapers 2 The Gardeners The Orange Trees Floor Scrappers The Floor Scrapers Interior of a Studio with Stove Arrival of the French Ambassador in Venice Bacino di San Marco Northumberland Perspective Palazzo Ducale and the Piazza di San Marco Entrance To The Grand Canal Looking East Grand Canal Looking East From The Campo San Vio Grand Canal The Rialto Bridge From The South A Regatta On The Grand Canal Grand Canal Return of the Bucentaurn to the Molo on Ascension Day Riva degli Schiavoni The Grand Canal and the Church of the Salute The Grand Canal at the Salute Church The Grand Canal from Campo Vio towards the Bacino The Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge in the Background The Piazzetta The Stonemasons Yard View of the Bacino di San Marco View of the Ducal Palace Alnwick Castle Architectural Basilica Di Vecenza And The Ponte De Rialto Camo Santi Apostoli Campo Di Rialto Campo San Rocco Campo Sant Angelo Campo Santa Maria Formosa Capriccio Of A Renaissance Triumphal Arch Seen From The Portico Of A Palace Capriccio Of A Round Church With An Elaborate Gothic Portico In A Piazza A Palladian Piazza And A Gothic Church Below Capriccio Of The Grand Canal With An Imaginary Rialto Bridge And Other Buildings Capriccio With The Four Horses From The Cathedral Of San Marco Capricco Of The Rialto Bridge With The Lagoon Beyond Entrance To The Arsenal Feast Of San Rocco Fonteghetto Della Farina Giacomo De Rialto Grand Canal Between The Palazzo Bembo And The Palazzo Vendramin Grand Canal From The Campo Santa Sofia Towards The Rialto Bridge Grand Canal From The Palazzo Balbi Grand Canal Looking North From Near The Rialto Bridge Grand Canal Looking Northeast From Near The Palazzo Corner Spinelli To The Rialto Bridge Grand Canal Looking Northeast From The Palazzo Balbi To The Rialto Bridge Grand Canal Near The Campo San Vio Looking Towards The Church Of Santa Maria Della Salute Grand Canel The Rialto Bridge From The North Landscpae With Ruins Picket Duty In Virginia Landscpae With Ruins London The Interior Of The Rotunda At Ranelagh London Whitehall And The Privy Garden Looking North Molo With The Library Night Time Celebration Outside The Church Of San Pietro Di Castello Piazza San Marco Looking East Along The Central Line Piazza San Marco Looking East From The Southwest Corner Piazza San Marco Looking East Piazza San Marco Lookng Towards San Geminiano Piazza San Marco Piazzetta And The Doges Palace From The Bacino Di San Marco Reception Of The Imperial Ambassador At The Doges Palace Rialto Bridge From The South Rio De Mendicanti Looking South Santa Maria Zobenigo Santi Giovanni E Paolo And The Scuola Di San Marco Scala Dei Giganti Sluice Gates At Dolo Ss Giovanni E Paulo And The Scuola De San Marco The Bucintogoro By The Molo On Ascension Day The Chapel Of Eton College The City Seen Through An Arch Of Westminster Bridge The Doges Palace With The Piazza Di San Marco The Thames And The City Of London From Richmond House The Thames With St Pauls Chathedral The Womens Regatta On The Grand Canal Venice Bacino Di San Marco On Ascension Day View Of The Church And The Doges Palace From The Procuratie Vecchie Windsor Castle The Interior Of Henry Viis Chapel In Westminster Abbey The Rotunda Of Ranelagh House Magdalene Portrait of Alof de Wignacourt Bacchus Boy Bitten by a Lizard Boy Peeling a Fruit Boy with a Basket of Fruit David 3 Lute Player Portrait of Maffeo Barberini Sick Bacchus St Francis 2 St Francis St John the Baptist 3 The Inspiration of Saint Matthew The Lute Player Mesdag Coucher de Soleil St John the Baptist Amor Victorious Sleeping Cupid St Jerome 1 St John the Baptist at the Well Basket of Fruit The Crowning with Thorns The Cardsharps Adoration of the Shepherds Beheading of Saint John the Baptist Burial of St Lucy Christ at the Column David 1 David 2 Ecce Homo Flagellation Judith Beheading Holofernes Madonna de Rosario Madonna di Loreto Madonna with the Serpent Martha and Mary Magdalene Narcissus Nativity with St Francis and St Lawrence Rest on Flight to Egypt Salome with the Head of St John the Baptist Salome with the Head of the Baptist St Catherine of Alexandria St John the Baptist Youth with Ram St Francis in Ecstasy Still Life with Flowers and Fruit St Jerome St John the Baptist 2 Supper at Emmaus Taking of Christ The Annunciation The Calling of Saint Matthew The Conversion of St. Featherstonhaugh In The Distance Landscape With Dead Tree Landscape Moonlight Morning Mist Rising Plymouth New Hampshire Mount Aetna From Taormina Mount Chocorua New Hampshire Mountain Sunrise Catskill Portage Falls On The Genesee Prometheus Bound Romantic Landscape With Ruined Tower Scene From -Manfred- Schroon Lake Schroon Mountain Adirondacks Summer Twilight Sunny Morning On The Hudson River Sunrise In The Catskill Mountains Sunset Of The Arno The Architect-s Dream The Cascatelli Tivoli Looking Towards Rome The Clove Catskills The Connecticut River Near Northampton The Consummation From The Series The Course Of The Empire The Course Of Empire Desolation The Course Of Empire Destruction The Course Of Empire The Arcadian Or Pastoral State The Course Of Empire The Savage State The Cross And The World Study For -The Pilgrim Of The World On His Journey- The Cross And The World Study The Departure The Garden Of Eden The Gardens Of The Van Rensselaer Manor House The Hunter-s Return The Mountain Ford The Notch Of The White Mountains (Crawford Notch) The Oxbow (The Connecticut River Near Northampton) The Past The Picnic The Pilgrim Of The Cross At The End Of His Journey The Present The Return The Ruins Of Taormina The Subsiding Of The Waters Of The Deluge The Temple Of Segesta With The Artist Sketching The Vale And Temple Of Segesta Sicily The Voyage Of Life Childhood The Voyage Of Life Manhood The Voyage Of Life Old Age The Voyage Of Life Youth Tornado Valley Of The Vaucluse View From Mount Holyoke Northampton Massachusetts View In The White Mountains View Of Boston View Of Florence From San Miniato View Of L-Esperance On The Schoharie River View On The Catskill Early Autumn View On The Schoharie View Across Frenchman-s Bay From Mount Desert Island After A Squall A View near Tivoli (Morning) Aqueduct Near Rome Arch of Nero Autumn Landscape (Mount Chocorua) Mount Etna From Taormina Mount Etna Niagara Falls View Of Monte Video Seat Of Daniel Wadsworth Esq Wivenhoe Park, Essex The Hay-Wain The lock A Church Porch A Hayfield at East Bergholt A View on the Stour Near Dedham A Water-Mill Boat Building Boat Passing a Lock Branch Hill Pond Hampstead Brighton WMM Dedham Vale Morning Dedham Vale East Bergholt Rectory Evening Landscape at East Bergholt Flatford Mill from the Lock Flatford Mill Golding Flower Garden Golding Kitchen Garden a Hampstead Heath Harwich Lighthouse Landscape Boys Fishing Landscape Evening Landscape Ploughing Scene in Suffolk Landscape with a Double Rainbow Malvern Hall Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows Scene on a River Spring Ploughing Stratford Mill The Cornfield The Harvest Field The Leaping Horse The Mill Stream The Valley Farm The White Horse The Young Waltonians Tree Trunks View of Dedham View Towards Dedham View Towards The Rectory From East Bergholt House Weymouth Bay Wivenhoe Park Essex Wivenhoe Park Wooded Landscape Brighton Beach with Colliers Shoreham Bay Maria Bicknell (Mrs. John the Baptist The Circumcision The Last Supper The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes The Visitation A Woman in an elegant Interior A Portrait aka Miss Lloyd An Interesting Story Jeune Femme A L'eventail Mrs Newton with a Parasol October Seaside Type Of Beauty Vicomtesse De Montmorand At The Rifle Range Mary Magdelane Before Her Conversion Mavourneen Portrait Of Mll The Ball The Bunch Of Lilacs The Repentant Magdalene The Stairs Young Ladies Looking At Japanese Objects Young Lady Holding Japanese Objects Colonel Frederick Gustavus Barnaby Self Portrait Croquet Behold He Standeth Behind Our Wall The Apparition Jesus At Bethany Portrait Of The Pilgrim The Annunciation The Plague Of Locusts The Hull Of A Battle Ship The Gallery of HMS Calcutta unknown The Thames Going to Business Portsmouth Dockyard Reading a Story The Concert Too Early A Widow Autumn On The Thames Beating The Retreat In The Tuileries Gardens In The Conservatory Inner Voices (Christ Consoling The Wanderers) Journey Of The Magi Marguerite In Church Mary Magdalene-s Box Of Very Precious Ointment Partie Carree Spring The Artists Ladies The Ball On Shipboard The Captains Daughter The Circle Of The Rue Royale The Letter The Picnic Waiting For The Ferry 2 Hide And Seek The Garden Bench Luxembourg View Over Town at Suset a Cemetery in the Foreground What You Will!

As summed up by the magazine Auto-Journal in 1974, "the self-portrait of Tamara de Lempicka is a real image of the independent woman who asserts herself.She also became involved with Suzy Solidor, a night club singer at Boîte de Nuit, whom she later painted..Her husband eventually tired of their arrangement and abandoned her in 1927. Obsessed with her work and her social life, de Lempicka neglected more than her husband; she rarely saw her daughter.She saw the coming of World War II from a long way off, much sooner than most of her contemporaries.

She did make a few concessions to the changing times as the decade passed; her art featured a few refugees and common people, and even a Christian saint or two, as well as the usual aristocrats and cold nudes.

Anthony Farralon Islands California Ferns and Rocks on An Embankment Figures in a Hudson River Landscape Florida Scene Forest Stream Forest Sunrise Gosnold at Cuttyhunk Hatch Hatchy Valley California Hill and Dale In The Foothills of the Mountains In The Foothills In the Mountains In Western Mountains Indian Camp Indian Encampment Late Afternoon Indian Encampment Shoshone Village Indian Encampment Yosemite Valley California Indian Encampment Island of New Providence Italian Lake Scene Kern-s River Valley California Kings River Canyon California Lake in the Rockies Lake Louise Lake Lucerne Lake Mary California Mountain Lake Mountain Landscape Mountain Mist Mountain Resort Mountain Scene Mountainous Landscape Nebraska On the Plains Nebraska Wasatch Mountains Nevada Falls Yosemite North Fork of the Platte Nebraska Old Faithful On the Plains On The Saco Oregon Trail Passing Storm Over The Sierra Nevada Pikes Peak Pioneers of the Woods Pugest Sount on the Pacific Coast Rainbow Over A Fallen Stag Rhone Valley Rocca de Secca Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountains Sailing On The Hudson Salmon Fishing on the Cascapediac River Sierra Nevada aka From the Head of the Carson River Sierra Nevada Mountains Snow Capped Moutain at Twilight Snow Capped Moutain Splendour of the Grand Tetons Staubbach Falls Near Lauterbrunnen Switzerland Storm Among the Alps Storm in the Rocky Mountains Study for Gosnold at Cuttyhunk Sunrise at Glacier Station Sunrise On The Matterhorn Sunrise Over Forest and Grove Sunset Deer and River Sunset in the Rockies Sunset in the Yosemite Valley Sunset of the Prairies Sunset on the Coast Sunset on the Mountain Sunset over a Mountain Lake Sunset Over the River Sunset Surveyors Wagon in the Rockies The Ambush The Bombardment of Fort Sumter The Buffalo Trail The Campfire The Domes of the Yosemite The Emerald Pool The Fallen Tree The Falls of St. Sebastian Francesco Delle Opere Portrait Of Francesco Delle Opere Self Portrait St Nicholas Of Tolentino Archangel Raphael With Tobias Baptism of Christ Madonna An Angel And Little St John Adoring The Child Madonna And Child Borghese Madonna And Child With Four Saints Madonna In Glory With The Child And Saints Madonna With Child And Little St John Madonna With Child Madonna With Saints Adoring The Child Pieta St Sebastian Louvre The Archangel Michael The Galitzin Triptych The Madonna Between St. Sebastian The Miracles Of San Bernardino The Healing Of A Mute The Miracles Of San Bernardino The Healing Of A Young The Pazzi Crucifixion The Transfiguration The Virgin And Child With An Angel Moses Journey Into Egypt The Ascension Of Christ The Betrothal Of The Virgin 2 The Family Of The Madonna The Vision Of St. Gardiner Greene Hammond (Esther Fiske Hammond) Mrs. John Joseph Townsend (Catherine Rebecca Bronson) Portrait of Pauline Astor Portrait of Sally Fairchild Rosina Simplon Pass Reading Simplon Pass The Green Parasol Simplon Pass The Tease The Brook The Countess of Essex The Countess of Rocksavage The Fountain Villa Torlonia Frascati Italy The Misses Vickers The Pink Dress Two Women Asleep in a Punt under the Willows Vanderbilt Shepard Venetian Onion Seller Violet Resting on the Grass Violet Sleeping Violet Winifred Duchess of Portland Woman in a Turkish Costume (A Turkish Woman by a Stream) Zuleika In the Garden Corfu Young Man in Reverie A Bedouin Arab A Man Seated by a Stream Val d-Aosta Purtud Alberto Falchetti Antonio Mancini Asher Wertheimer Brigadier Archibald Campbell Carolus Duran Charles Stewart Sixth Marquess of Londonderry Carrying the Great Sword of Sta Dr Pozzi at Home Edouard Pailleron Eleanora Duse Eugene Juillerat Frank O-Meara Frederick Law Olmsted Fredrick Law Olmstead Gondolier Henry James Henry Lee Higginson In Switzerland Jean Joseph Marie Carries John D Rockefeller Lord Dalhousie Lord Ribblesdale Padre Sebastiano Pater Harrison aka Siesta Peter Harrison Asleep Portrait of a Man Portrait of Ambrogio Raffele Portrait of Colonel Thomas Edward Vickers Portrait of Daniel J.