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A number of albums have followed that - the refreshing, captivating trend for diversity ever present.2007 saw in album Elements Beyond, a predominantly electronic, non-commercial work hinging on deep dance beats and stirring Middle Eastern influences – Elements represented Strictly Rhythm’s first artist album in over a decade.Whatever genre he finds himself in, Osunlade entertains.And whatever the state of the music business, Osunlade will always make himself heard - Osunlade’s unique and unblemished approach to music-making will take care of that.Further ahead, is the prospect of Osunlade’s new, long-awaited house album Romantique – it promises to be his last house collection, though he insists the one-off productions and remixes will carry on. It’s kind of a sad thing that you have so many labels popping up, it’s like they have new artists, new producers that are not really musicians, producers,” Osunlade told Defected earlier this year.“No one’s really taking the role of quality assurance; anyone can put a record out, or have a label, there’s no overhead, there’s no promotion outside of the digital site.This year, Osunlade gave us Rebirth; another wonderful showcase of his eclectic visions beyond the house dancefloor.Rebirth mixed mellow club-orientated ideas such as Break It Down and The Dating Game with meaningful songs steeped in the finest traditions of jazz, soul and world music – all, impressively, recorded with a funky nine-piece orchestra.

Osunlade’s big follow-up to Paradigm was 2006 opus Aquarian Moon.“To me, if I sing in the indigenous tones of my ancestors, there is a voice and spirit in those things.They will hear, giving me strength, guidance and light.” Osunlade’s clarity of thought and clear studio talent has combined well throughout recent years, driving much of his internationally acclaimed output and ensuring its consistency.Released through BBE, the album marked a return to some of his soundtrack-scoring origins and well reflected the mellow ambience of his new studio base – the Greek island of Santorini, where he remains to this day.