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I do not recommend leaving your child alone with your boyfriend under any circumstances until years after a solid relationship or engagement has occurred.This is why I stress that women should not move fast in relationships and they should definitely not play house with men.

There are sick pedophiles lurking on dating sites, looking for vulnerable single mothers with small children they can target and molest.Playing house with a boyfriend when you have children is working against your child’s best interest even if your boyfriend is not a predator. The predator will not wait very long to have access to your children and will find a way out of the relationship with you if you withhold access to your child.They will try grooming you to build your trust for about a year.For customer who have an old copy, we are continued providing suppport.

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“Do not get so caught up in the excitement of online dating that you are not constantly alert. 4) If you’re dating someone, wait several months – until you are more serious – before introducing your date to your children.

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