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(2015), Paula Hall has now added another substantial contribution with Sex Addiction: The Partner’s Perspective: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Surviving Sex Addiction For Partners and Those Who Want to Help Them.My own therapeutic work with sex addiction has certainly highlighted for me the fact that partners can experience an added level of hurt, trauma, betrayal and shattering of trust when they are faced with this type of addiction.

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The therapeutic relationship that is developed gently over time with your therapist is a vital part of the process, as you become more comfortable sharing and communicating your thoughts, fears & feelings.This reality is very clearly addressed in Hall’s book, under chapter headings such as: With novel sexual opportunities now so easily accessible via the internet, this is an increasingly important area of therapeutic work.It is also a complex one, so books such as this are vital and repay detailed and repeated study.It’s important to us that we can look after you, and introduce you to the type of people you are looking for.