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The series showed a strong beginning and peaked at 11 % in viewership in its first few episodes but posted low numbers for the rest of its broadcast.(Watch which achieved over 5 % viewership, and possibly partly due to its airing schedule in fall when the “viewership-disturbing” Chuseok holidays are celebrated.The series has only four episodes, which is quite enough number to deliver such a story with a sad but satisfying ending.The ratings of the first three episodes remain in the 3 to 4 percentage range but the number suddenly increased to 6.2 % during the finale.The synopsis may sound boring but the series has constantly seen an increase in viewership since its premiere—either because the meat of its story has a lot more to offer or its rival dramas aren’t really interesting enough to woo more viewers.It is the second fantasy romance series in this list and the “fantasy” part has something to do with a love story that spans 200 years.Like in the previous ranking (Top Korean Dramas in the First Half of 2017), this list is divided into two categories—free-to-air and cable.This is because dramas from the three big, free-to-air networks (KBS2, MBC, and SBS) have a wider audience reach than those from the cable channels (JTBC, OCN, tv N) and cable dramas do not have an equal chance as their FTA counterparts to be viewed by the viewers (you know, not everyone has a subscription to cable TV).

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This could imply that the competition among the dramas is a little bit tougher in the second period, so achieving double-digit viewership is a struggle., about a mother with terminal cancer who receives much-deserved love from her ungrateful family after they find out that she is dying.Also, please take note that the ratings represent the number of Korean households watching a certain drama as it was airing, so the following lists do not necessarily present the dramas that are insanely popular worldwide (this kind of list is harder to create since you need a lot of data from major streaming sites like Viu, Viki, and Dramafever to measure the international viewership—oh wait, you can’t ignore the illegal sites as well).To put it in a nutshell, this article lists the most watched Korean dramas* by South Korean viewers in the second half of the year.A perfect example of shows depicting the dirty realities in Korean society, Unlike in the first-half-of-2017 ranking which has 3 period dramas occupying the top 7 positions, the second-half ranking contains no sageuk at all.

Out of the 22 FTA dramas in the second half of the year, only two are sageuk— is closer to the bottom of the ranking, at 15th place.

Weeks after the protest, the drama maintained over 10 percent viewership and thus ended up no. (Watch The titular “witch” in this drama is played by Jung Ryeo-won, but she knows nothing about witchcraft and specializes instead in catching the bad guys as a fearless prosecutor assigned to a team that deals with sexual crimes against women and children.