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This four-minute video walks you through the process of converting your old data so that it appears in the new version of the software.The Shipping Solutions software allows you to make modest changes to the appearance and functionality of certain export forms generated in the software.Shipping Solutions export software makes it easy to create accurate export documents and stay compliant with U. If you are exporting goods from the United States valued at more than $2,500 per Schedule B code, you or your agent generally needs to file your export information electronically through the Automated Export System (AES).While this process can seem intimidating at first, Shipping Solutions software makes it easy to file through AES while also completing more than two dozen standard export forms.A major benefit of using Shipping Solutions is storing your customer and product information in the software’s databases, so you don’t have to type the addresses and product detail every time you create a new shipment.If you already have this information stored in another source such as an accounting or ERP system or Excel spreadsheet, you can easily import this data into Shipping Solutions rather than type it in by hand. This video provides an overview of the Data Exchange Manager (DXM), which allows you to import orders from your company’s accounting, order entry or ERP system into Shipping Solutions Professional in order to produce your export documents, file your electronic export information, and fulfill your export compliance requirements.

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Shipping Solutions allows you to print your export forms with your company logo and/or an electronic version of a signature included on select export documents.This video shows you how to create those different user groups and then assign specific Shipping Solutions users to those groups.Shipping Solutions software makes it easy to complete a NAFTA Certificate of Origin in English, French or Spanish as well as Certificates of Origin for the Australia FTA, CAFTA-DR FTA, Chile FTA, Colombia FTA, and the Korea FTA.This short video walks you through the steps you need to create the invoice in less than three minutes and then print it out on plain paper, save it as a PDF file, or email to your customer.

Some countries require that exports from the United States include a certificate of origin form signed by a U. Chamber of Commerce to verify that the goods originated in the U. This short video walks you through the steps you need to create the Certificate of Origin in less than three minutes.

This 3-minute video shows you what data are required by the Foreign Trade Regulations for filing through AES and how to enter the data in the Shipping Solutions export software.

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    In addition to consolidating UPS invoices, our billing. You can even link these three software. UPS tracking solutions show the progress of your shipment.…