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During my testing the app did not crash but quite frankly the developers have so many areas they can improve this and leverage the smooth and stylish Windows Phone interface to make the app much more user friendly.I am also new to the Skout platform so I am sure it will improve as the usage and user's experience grows in volume.Overall, though, the app has pretty much of its core features and connects me to the service well. They definitely have some work to do before I try to open this app again.I'll wait to see it on my update list before I play with it anymore."We're making it easy for singles to discover others with similar interests, using location information and mobile phones.Skout brings cheer to people who are on the go and typically don't have time to find someone special." According to Juniper Research, the mobile dating market will reach 1.4 billion dollars by 2013.

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The Windows Phone UI is a great one, so further implementation of that kind of experience would serve this app well. It says my location is in MD when I'm actually in Philly, messages don't load, can't upload pics, and certain (what should be clickable) links aren't clickable.You can then search for people within your general area, and a grid will appear with photos of people nearby and how far away they are from you.You can choose to chat, "flirt" via games, send private messages, be alerted when someone new is nearby, as well as see who is checking you out and adding you to their "Hot List." One of the first location-based dating applications developed, more than 5 million users have signed up for Skout since it launched in 2009 [source: Li].Skout capitalizes on its users' smartphone GPS technology to find someone near them while they're out and about.

Here's how it works: Register by entering some information about yourself, including your age, gender, photos and a description of your hobbies and interests.

If you think it's a little creepy to track people around you, you're probably in the minority.

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  • One million singles sign up for Skout dating app VentureBeat profil de paulette60


    One million singles sign up for Skout dating app. been entering the market ever since the check-in services like. conference on the future of mobile.…