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1870, would seem to have been Lloyd's Register ('LR') listed from 1869/70 thru 1887/88. For service from Sunderland to South America thru 1870/71 & from London to India in 1871/72. 1870, would seem to have been Lloyd's Register ('LR') listed from 1869/70 thru 1888/89. In 1873/74, Banner Bros., also of London, became her owner for service in 1873/74 from London to Lagos, Nigeria (LR ceased providing service data after that date). In 1876/77, per LR, the vessel became a brigantine of 187 tons. Banner of London as her then owner or managing owner, while the equivalent list of 1880 lists John Banner. Crew lists for the vessel are on file at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada. Y The vessel is Lloyd's Register ('LR') listed from 1869/70 thru 1872/73. The Report indicates that Oswald, her builder, having failed, had gone to Southampton & that in the course of removal the vessel's original plans had been lost. Such ownership & name change must have taken place much earlier than 1887/88. 22, 1882, the vessel left Adelaide for Apia (Navigators' Islands, now Samoa, South Pacific) en route, presumably, to Hamburg. Note that states that the vessel was rather lost at an unknown date in 1890.

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Kathy Doering, in a guestbook message advises us (thanks! The vessel's sole voyage to Australia, it would seem. I initially thought that the vessel was never mentioned in LR, but that is clearly not true. Y So far as I can see, the vessel was never listed in Lloyd's Register. It would seem that the intended destination was truly Antonina, at the end of the bay which has Paranagua at its mouth. Bill invites your assistance if you can translate Portuguese! This listing was made possible thanks to Niels Hald-Andersen of Denmark, who advises that the vessel was initially owned by U. of So Francisco & SW of Rio de Janeiro), while en route from Lisbon, Portugal to Paranagua (Paranagu), with a cargo of salt. Bill Swift notes that an account of the vessel's wreck, written by David Jones, her captain, is held by the Australian National Maritime Museum, but has not get been digitised. Italy) for service from Sunderland to the Mediterranean.