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On the surface we're all, "Oh that's so nice, he is so down-to-earth, they're so cute," but deep down, there is the nasty part of us that wants to know where on earth Matt Damon was when we were on shift, getting our asses grabbed by old men.Ugh, celebrities and their terrible taste in women — don't they know I'm out here waiting for them?Skarsgard played Meekus in the first movie and Adam in the second one.Both films received mixed reviews, but Skarsgard’s net worth grew further from the roles.This isn't to say small girls should just suck it up and date tiny men — our society would fracture into the height equivalent of star-bellied Sneetches and Sneetches with no stars upon thars, but an exaggerated height difference seems a little ridiculous.Now, I fully understand that men like to feel powerful, and dating a smaller woman might make you feel very strong/manly/hunter-gatherer or whatever, but Skarsgard has literally a foot and three-and-a-half inches on Ellen.

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Skarsgard appeared in “Zoolander,” “Zoolander 2.” Both movies were directed by Ben Stiller. In “Zoolander 2,” the Fashion Interpol examines the looks of pop singers who were assassinated recently and they believe that the images march Zoolander’s trademark look.The news is about as disappointing as finding out there's another Skarsgard and Googling him.If you are a fan of “Zoolander,” you must have watched Alexander Skarsgard.Some celebrity couples just feel innately wrong, like Skarsgard and Page, but why?

Why is it so easy to feel genuine anger towards two people who dare to date each other? Take for example, Matt Damon and his wife, who was previously a waitress.

How on earth could such an unholy union be possible?

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