Updating eee pc 900

At the end the procedure will ask you to power the machine off, remove the USB and restart it 5) When you boot it the new bios configuration utility will show up for you to configure some stuff just like boot order priority etc, just do what you need and save it 6) Congratulations!Using USB pendrive (at least 1 GB) take a look at the USB Howto page Using the regular installation DVD may be problematic when putting it on USB flash drives. Recommended for resource limited netbooks To create and customize Fedora (Create Custom "Spins") you need to use this guide Latest stable Fedora release updated fully.but for day to day stuff when you need to travel it’s fantastic.

For it’s size it’s not bad for performance either (although avoid the 16G version, it seems to be a downgrade).It’s also fine for occasional Second Life use (good enough to get in world and do basic housekeeping) and also has the latest version of Matlab installed which it seems quite happy with.Having said that though, this little beauty should not be seem as a replacement for a laptop..And you still get the underlying strengths of the Ubuntu (Debian) based package management in it’s latest revision.

That means most applications come packaged and there’s PPA’s for the rest. Hat tip to the Lubuntu maintainers and LXDE developers – excellent work in producing a no-frills but very functional, decent looking & usable desktop environment for devices that are getting a bit older …

After making major changes to a Panasonic Toughbook, check for new Basic Input Output System (BIOS) updates.

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