Validating spreadsheets

Analysis of business impact It is better if the people are prepared for the lost of access to data on which they usually work.So it is important to make sure that migration won’t interrupt them much.

Lack of Collaboration Data migrations along with disparate people also involve internal employees and external contractors in some cases.Lack of Integrated Processes Data migration is Disparate technologies used by a set of people.Using spreadsheets to document data specifications which are not easy to translate while performing data transformations and which are prone to human errors is a classic example.Collaborative tools enable all parties invested in a migration to see the same picture of data as it moves through the project stages, leaving little room for assumptions and misunderstandings.8.

Inappropriate use of Expertise It makes sense to source experts, and usually, this is applied to the management and technical aspects of a data migration.

It's not easy and requires completing a list of processes and operations that have something in common with data to be migrated, and let users know early enough so that they won't be surprised with system's downtime.2.

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