What are recommended safety precautions for online dating

School-age children like going online to look at videos or play games.They might also be using the internet for schoolwork and homework.If you teach your child how to manage internet safety risks and worrying experiences for himself, he’ll build digital resilience.This is the ability to deal with and respond positively to any risks he encounters online.You can do this by: Going online with your child gives you the opportunity to see the apps or games your child plays, or the videos she watches.You can share your child’s experience while also checking that the content is appropriate. You can also show your child sites that are fun, interesting or educational and bookmark them for later.If you come across pop-up advertisements while you’re online together, it’s a good opportunity to talk with your child about not clicking them.

There are three main kinds of internet risks for children.Another conduct risk is accidentally making in-app purchases.You can use a range of different strategies to help your school-age child stay safe while he’s using the internet.And if your child feels trusted, he’s more likely to talk with you about what he does online and tell you about online content and contacts that worry him.

It’s best to avoid using surveillance apps that let you secretly monitor your child’s online activity.

Conduct risks These risks include children acting in ways that might hurt others or being the victim of this kind of behaviour.