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It was hard because we were doing night shoots and then I’d want to spend the day with my daughter. My desk looks like it belongs to an insane person who aspires to be artistic rather than organised.I try to make sure that everything is in place but I’ve never had the organising gene.

The actress recently launched her own make-up line called Flower Beauty, and earlier this year her coffee-table book Find it in Everything was published, with photos she’s taken of heart-shaped objects and patterns. Soon afterwards, Lauren is on holiday with her children when she discovers to her horror that Jim is at the same safari resort with his own brood. There was nobody showing me the way, but then later I chose people who I thought would provide a good example.He abandoned the family soon after his daughter was born, and died in 2004.Drew’s mother Jaid was a struggling actress who regularly took her daughter clubbing in her early teens.You’re like, “Oh God, it’s ten o’clock at night and I’m watching bad television. ” It’s like you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing,’ laughs the 39-year-old actress.

We are meeting to talk about Drew’s latest film Blended, a raucous romcom set in a South African holiday resort, which reunites her with her ‘on-screen husband’ Adam Sandler – the pair previously starred in The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates.

It does feel like 99 per cent of your time is for the baby and one per cent is for you.

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